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Down The Rabbit Hole Conference

Lewis Carroll in his well-known novel Alice in Wonderland explores the beauty of change and growth in a way that only a creative genius can. Woven throughout the tale are themes of challenging the rules and norms that society has imposed on Alice, seeking out ways of reasoning that are very different from what she is used to and in the process she learns, discovers her strength and how to deal with adulthood and all its complexity. The Contact Centre Industry has also reached adulthood, and similarly to Alice, the CCMG is dedicated to challenging the status quo and constantly striving to find new and better ways to deal with our customers, deliver service and create environments that are challenging and rewarding. This was the topic of our “Down the Rabbit Hole” Conference.

Feedback from the CCMG Down the Rabbit Hole Conference

What the conference speakers and attendees had to say about the conference