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Critical Thinking

This is normally a three-day workshop. For the Master class, we do a one day overview on the role of Critical Thinking. For this reason, it is important that we have your information before the program so that we may create an account and enroll you before we meet. You can also do this program completely online, on We will review the concept of Critical Thinking and advise why it is important in the context of your life and where you are. The objective for you should be to use Critical Thinking as a way to evaluate your life, analyse the results of your current thinking and to come up with new ways of thinking that enable you to have a happier, fuller life, to earn more and to understand life better. 

Johannesburg: 19 September 2017

Cape Town: 20 September 2017

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Blended Learning

CCMG Networking Event

The Art of integrating elearning in Skills Development:

  • What is blended learning?
  • Effective Learning strategies
  • Types of educational technology
  • Benefits of leveraging educational technology
  • Participate in a blended learning experience
  • Importance of change management and quality management in blended learning
  • Develop a strategy to implement blended learning in an organisation
  • Evaluate a blended learning programme
  • Course evaluation

Johannesburg: 26 September 2017

Cape Town: 27 September 2017

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How healthy is your Contact Centre?

Are all your policies, processes and procedures working effectively to enable your employees to deliver excellent customer service?  Do your technologies help customers to reach the right people who can solve their problem or is it an obstacle to reaching a knowledgeable service agent?

Every Contact Centre is unique in its product and service offering, technology deployment, staffing and skills.  Benchmarking reports are useful but often don’t compare apples with apples. So how do you know that you are making the best use of your Contact Centre resources to achieve optimal results for both your Customer and the Business?

This Masterclass will take you on a journey through identifying the critical performance indicators you need to be monitoring to help you prioritise your time, attention and action.  By leveraging off the FSB “Treat Customers Fairly” (TCF) regulations we will place Customer needs at the centre of the discussion and reverse engineer the discussion into the critical employee skills, supporting processes, compliance requirements and technologies aids required to manage our internal and external stakeholder and client expectations.

Johannesburg: 17 October 2017

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Building the next generation of world class contact centres

The contact centre industry has been marred with a reputation of delivering mediocre service and customer dissatisfaction and carelessly referred to as the modern day sweat shops of our times. Understanding how to leverage data and turn your call centre into a value centre is critical to ensure that you meet the needs of the emerging consumer and add value to the brand that you are servicing. Building the call centre strategy for 2020 means understanding how customer demands are changing and means taking a critical look at how the call centre is structured and what is currently being delivered to increase customer satisfaction and performance, reduce risk and cost and increase customer retention.

This masterclass is aimed at addressing some of the burning issues and addressing the common challenges when it comes to customer experience and quality management. Using a collaborative and participative approach we will ensure that you are equipped to challenge the status quo within your industry and create a sustainable competitive advantage. This masterclass promises to challenge your thinking whilst aligning to best practice in an open and lively forum with the ultimate goal of ensuring that your customer is at the very heart of your contact centre strategy.

Cape Town: 18 October 2017

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